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Today I am inviting you to join us for Premium Membership Club.  This is an online community of like minded sewing and quilting enthusiasts. 

We have been doing Premium Membership for over 5 years and as you have seen, we do lots of teaching and all of those video teachings are stored inside of our Premium Club Website.  It is jam packed with exciting and educational classes for all skill levels.

From the comfort of your own sewing room or anywhere that you choose, you’ll join a global community of quilters.

  • Achieve perfect points with speed and accuracy.

  • Create perfect seam allowance.

  • Make quilt after quilt after quilt - give some away - share with family - create an heirloom.

  • Sew in the comfort of your own home.

  • You can sew on your own machine.

  • You can watch and learn on your own schedule.

  • Watch on your phone, tablet or computer.

  • Optional private Facebook group or Community Group (inside Premium website)


Quilt Club Week 2020, 2021 & the new 2022 version

These have been amazing weeks of teaching that we filmed both "live" and with prerecorded videos.  With these 3 years, you will have different classes to help and motivate you on your quilting journey.

NOTICE:  QCW 2020, QCW 2021 and QCW 2022 are all part of the Premium Membership that I talked about in the above video.


Best Value - sign up for Premium Membership Club and get everything.  There is so much for everyone at every level - We have Beginner Classes, Learning the Square in a Square technique, Simple Classes, Diamond Classes, Intermediate Classes, 9 patch Classes, Scrappy Classes, Home Machine Classes, Ruler Classes with more added each month..  With so much to choose from, we have redesigned our website to make it easy to navigate.  Most of our Premium Members have been with us since we started over 5 years ago.  With online personal teaching, you can learn more and go further in your Quilt Life. 

Notice: Existing Square in a Square Premium Members will have access to Quilt Club Week 2020, 2021 & 2022 as part of your Membership

Premium Membership and QCW 2020, 2021 & 2022

Choose the best value for you!

Quilt Club Week 2020, 2021 & 2022

Reg $77 Special $57

Access for 6 months

ACCESS for 6 months from start

Classes with Jodi Barrows

Classes with Kay Roberts

Classes with Kathy Kuryla

Classes with Missie Carpenter

Classes Include:

  • Square in a Square classes
  • Quilting on your home machine
  • Short Cut Binding
  • Stash Busters
  • Batting Selection
  • Fabric Selection
  • Wool Applique
  • Applique techniques

NOTICE: You can begin TODAY


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Premium Membership Club


1 year Membership

Premium 1.0 - 13 Modules - 148 videos with over 40 hours

Premium 2.0 - 13 Modules - 73 videos with over 40 hours

Premium 3.0 - Started 2020 - will continue to add content into year - 4 Modules

Premium 4.0 - Started 2021 - Welcome Home, New "For Love of Country"

Premium 5.0 and beyond - 2022 - Borders by the Square, machine quilting on Love of Country, Fall Semester intro to new OPTION 44 - the firefly

Our website has a new design with all classes categorized for easy access 24/7

Premium 6.0 - 2023 - Our Spring Semester 2023 is exploring the Option 44 Firefly plus looking at a grid to make your quilt - more added throughout the year

(inside Premium club, we no longer use the terms Premium 1.0, 2.0 etc but have them arranged in categories for easy access)

BONUS - Beginner Series Included

BONUS - Quilting on Your Own Machine - introduced during Quilt Club Week 2021

BONUS - Quilt Club Week 2020, QCW 2021 and this year's QCW 2022 teaching event included and will remain in Premium website.

BONUS - Limited time 20% discount on books, rulers PLUS fabric kits get FREE USA SHIPPING on entire order. (shipping discount for International)

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Lifetime Premium Membership - Gold Status


Access 24/7 for lifetime of the program

All Yearly Premium Membership items included

 INCLUDED - Lifetime access to all current and new content of Premium Membership Club as long as program exists.  Non-transferrable. 

BONUS - Limited time 30% discount on books, rulers PLUS fabric kits get FREE USA SHIPPING on entire order. (shipping discount for International)

Notice:   If program is discontinued for any reason, you will be able to store and download the contents of videos from membership site.




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