Hello, I'm Jodi Barrows.


I've been sewing my entire life; I don't remember sitting down to sew for the first time. It was just a big part of our family life while growing up. It was mostly clothing that I sewed but while in college, I decided that I needed to learn to quilt.  Some of our friends were having babies and every baby needs a quilt so my goal was to learn how to make them.  I soon found out that the beauty of a quilt was due to the triangle units that you see in the quilt pattern; but with currently available methods, this was also the difficult and frustrating part.

As I continued my love for quilt piecing, it became a challenge to search for a better way.  That's when I invented the magic of the Square in a Square quilt piecing technique and this method is the only thing that I use and teach today.  For the past 30+ years, I have traveled all over the earth teaching students how to achieve perfect points with speed and accuracy. In the last 5 years, most of my teaching has been done online.  This environment has allowed me to teach students at a deeper level than is possible with in-person teaching such as at a guild meeting or quilt conference.  

I invite you to watch the free Webinars and find out if using One Ruler and One System can help you in your quilting life.  My goal is to help you achieve quilts that you have always dreamed of but didn't think it was possible.  Once you see and use the system in action, it will become clear that you can become the piecer that you have always wanted to be. 

Best to you...Jodi